Simply managing farm to fork partnerships in the cloud

Simple, seamless crop management

Plugs into every aspect of the crop
lifecycle: Vital data on plots, crop
growth, weather conditions, climate
change, pest detection, disease
treatment…all tracked in real time.

Integrated food chain ERP
simply manages agribusiness
needs and cuts costs through:

  • QA and nutrition management
  • Growth and disease prediction
  • Expense tracking
  • Revenue and inventory
  • Multilingual support
Next level cooperative management

Actionable insights into quality
and safety for managing farming,
finance, QA and compliance in
one universal display for all
knowledge levels.

A full food supply
management toolset:

  • One platform for all
    knowledge levels and
  • Crops picking / purchase
    planning intelligence
  • Clear financial transactions
  • Simplified standards and
    compliance management
Big on safety compliance and risk management

Food safety and compliance is vital
for sustaining a secure modern food
supply chain.

A standardization module

  • Auto-standard and update alerts
  • Push notifications on grower’s
    standardization status
  • Risk surveys
  • Vital document links
  • Built for all knowledge levels
    and all languages
GIS data management

A Geographic Information System
(GIS) collect, analyzes and displays
vital geographical data. It performs:

AKOLogic GIS system

  • Geographic data gathering
  • Queries generation
  • Cross-referencing crop growth
    data for government usage

Most powerful food intelligence solution from crop to consumer

Real time visibility and traceability
Simplified safety compliance
Actionable insights in one click
One format for all knowledge levels and all languages

AKOLogic food supply chain platform brings the transformation needed in safety, efficiency and trust
AKOLogic levels up the agribusiness supply chain through an industry-first MS cloud platform that delivers the ultimate zoom-in on every aspect of a crop’s lifecycle.
Information on every grass blade is tracked live, analyzed and shared with partners along the entire food supply chain.

Being the only platform to streamline and analyze crop data in real time, AKOLogic is well positioned to level up efficiency, food safety and more efficient farming. Full visibility into crop’s lifecycles provides the transparency needed to build partnerships of trust.

AKOLogic was established in early 2019 by agriculturists with a unique combination of farming, agriculture technology and a customer experience skillset.

Harnessing smartness for future food management

Precise farming
  • Visibly traceable data delivered live
    via smart IoT systems
  • Full transparency into multiple crop
    sections and raw materials
  • Data-driven insights into farm-to-fork
    processes in one click
Agile agribusiness
  • Rapid data distribution in a unified format
  • Information sharing across irrigation
    systems, labs, packaging, accounting…
  • Crop growth and shipment information
    sharing in multiple languages
Unparalleled support
  • Team of agriculture and IT experts
    share unrivalled customer experience
  • Strong culture of long-term
  • Safety and sustainability through long
    term partner relationships of trust

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