Carbon Credit

AKOLogic impact Driven Approach farming

Our vision: Make agriculture a global leader in mitigating the climate crisis to bring efficiency and sustainability to agriculture

One of the main environmental concerns in agriculture is the fact that the sector is a leading contributor to the rise of CO2 levels in the atmosphere.  25% of pollution by carbon emissions comes from agriculture. AKOLogic and Microsoft make a commitment to making the agriculture industry more sustainable. By collaborating with the Microsoft Development Center, AKOLogic is bringing technological innovation and sustainability to farming.

AKOLogic is the world's most advanced intelligence engine for agriculture, helping farmers across sectors manage their resources and bringing reliability and transparency to the value chain in agriculture to help maximize its output. “With Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, we created an efficient way to help thousands of farmers around the world reduce carbon emissions.

The platform has a module for digital farm management, which collects the relevant information from the field automatically and recommends to the farmer actions with a reduced carbon footprint. The platform is linked to approve measurement providers from the ground and satellites, the agricultural information and the measurements carried out automatically go through the API interface for approval by the UN franchisee and return to the platform and from there to the leading MarketPlace.

Our service:

  • Production of carbon credits - in one stop-shop
  • ISO 14064-2 certified measurement
  • LCA measurement (product life cycle)
  • ISO 14064-2 certified greenhouse gas emissions monitoring from agricultural land to reduce emissions

AKOLogic and VGI bring efficiency and sustainability to agriculture with Microsoft